Office of The City Solicitor

Greetings Atlanta


As City Solicitor, my staff and I represent you, the citizens, in all matters brought before the Atlanta Municipal Court. Established in 1975, the Office of the City Solicitor’s primary role is to investigate and prosecute misdemeanor charges and municipal code violations that occur within the City of Atlanta. Additionally, we offer alternatives to traditional prosecution with our Pre-Trial Diversion Programs, encouraging citizens to make different decisions in the future.

The prosecutors and support staff in this office work hard each day to secure justice and to improve public safety. Our goal is to keep the community safe for every citizen and to make it a great place to live and work. We are committed to safeguarding the community by demanding accountability for those who violate our laws.

The Office of the City Solicitor is committed to establishing and maintaining a culture of trust and open communication between the residents and our office. We embrace our role within city government to work closely with the community so that we can improve our neighborhoods and the quality of life in our city. We are proud to have developed this community relationship, which is an asset to our office and our mission. It is an honor and privilege to serve as your City Solicitor. I hope our webpage is helpful in explaining the many duties of this office and provides valuable information on how we can serve you.

For a better Atlanta,
Raines F. Carter
City Solicitor


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