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Failure to Appear (FTA) Status and Penalties

If you missed your court date for either a criminal or traffic citation, you are in failure to appear status and a bench warrant may be issued for your arrest. In addition, your driver’s license may be suspended (see additional circumstances below).

You may be able to avoid further penalties by scheduling an appearance before a judge at a Failure to Appear (FTA) hearing. Also, your driver’s license may be reinstated according to the below guidelines.

FTA Hearings

The Municipal Court offers special FTA dockets Monday-Friday at 8a and 1p. Doors open at 7a daily. Early arrival is strongly recommended because of limited capacity.

If you are an out of state driver and you need to schedule a time to resolve your FTA please submit your request here.

You may be charged an FTA penalty for missing your original court date. If you have a valid medical excuse or documentation of being incarcerated, bring evidence to your new court date.

Please note that if you appear in court the Traffic Violation Bureau (TVB) fine listed may not apply. However, the judge may order a fine amount which may be more or less than the TVB fine amount paid prior to court. Also, please note that the judge may require your FTA penalty to be paid prior to your FTA court appearance. Please contact the court for more information on how this may affect you.

Suspension of license due to Failure to Appear (FTA) in Court

Georgia Code requires the following penalties for those failing to appear in court for traffic violations.

375-3-3-.12 Suspension of License for Failure to Appear

(a) Suspension. The Department shall suspend the driver's license or privilege to operate a motor vehicle in this state of any person who has failed to respond to a citation to appear before a court of competent jurisdiction of this state or of any other state for a traffic violation other than a parking violation. The Department shall forthwith notify such person that his license is to be suspended subject to review as provided for by law.

If your license was suspended for failure to appear you must:

Obtain a 912 license reinstatement form or clearance letter from the court. Take the 912 form or clearance letter to the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) to have your driving privileges reinstated. There will be an additional fee which is payable to the Georgia Department of Driver Services. Only the DDS can reinstate your driving privileges.

For more info on the Georgia Department of Driver Services: Phone (678) 413-8400 www.dds.ga.gov

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