Disabilities Assistance

The Municipal Court of Atlanta provides reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities requesting assistance. Examples of services provided include assistance with reading, interpreters and other assistive materials. Requests for assistance can be made by either contacting the Ombudsman Unit at (404) 954-6767 or in-person at any of the information windows on the court’s main floor. If attending court, requests for assistance may be made to courtroom staff (please see a Case Manager).

If you prefer to make a request before your appearance, please see the attached form. Please forward the completed form to the court in care of the Ombudsman Unit or contact the unit at (404) 954-6767 for assistance in completing the form. Click here to download a form.

Also, please note that telephonic assistance is available for persons with hearing impairments through the State of Georgia's public service called Georgia Relay. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Georgia Relay allows Georgians to keep in touch by phone easily and often. Please use this service to contact us. To make a Georgia Relay call, dial 7-1-1.

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